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57th Record Academy Awards 2019

Grand Prize and Chamber music section

Dmitri SHOSTAKOVICH Complete String Quartets

Quartetto Classico
1st Violin KAWAHARA Chima, 2nd Violin HANAZAKI Atsumi
Viola MIWA Maki, Violoncello TASAKI Mizuhiro

Price: 9,000 yen(5CD), Recording: 2014-2018 Kasagakeno Bunka Hall
CÉATION/REGULUS (distributor)

[Quartetto Classico CD]

BARTÓK Complete String Quartets

Price: 4,000 yen (2CD+Explanation CD)
Recording: 2010-2011 Kasagakeno Bunka Hall

The enterprise purpose
1. Producing several classical music recordings and puts them on the market using the company's own Regulus label: It selects focusing on the excellent piece of music which is not known, especially medieval/renaissance music and 20th century piano music, and it puts over 30 titles on the market till the present. Those some are admired with Record Geijutsu (One of the most valuable classical music magazine in Japan) and Japanese major papers (Asahi, Yomiuri, etc.).
2. In a private label, the thing corresponding to the character of our company is sold:
- TROUT Record, a label for Kazuo Hanaoka, a Japanese representative recorder player.
- KUBOYOKO, a label for Japanese top female violinist Yoko Kubo.
- Liu MAER, a label for Ruth Slenczynska, 85 years old American legendary pianist.
- CRÉATION, a label for Mizuhiro Tazaki who sponsors Ensemble Ongaku Zammai and Quartetto Classico.
- NORIHIKO WATANABE memorial, a label which unearths the sound source of a Paris international guitar contest champion, Mr. Norihiko Watanabe were left behind now.
- Quartett-Haus Japan, a label which unearths and puts on CD the buried sound source of all ages and countries.
And also those many admired with Record Geijutsu and Japanese major papers.
3. Commission recording and help of making CD's.
4. Import and sale of foreign labels.

Regulus Item Catalogue 2013-2014

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